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Pipes and Fittings - Utkarsh India

  • CPVC Pipes & Fittings

    Pipes are manufactured in Copper Tube size [CTS] from ½ "to 2" with two different standard dimensional ratios SDR-11 and SDR-13.5 are made from CPVC compound. Pipe & fittings are produced as per SDR-11 meet the requirement of ASTM D 2846 and IS 15778 where as the pipes with SDR-13.5 meet the requirement derived from ASTM F 442, specific to CPVC in Iron Pipe Size (IPS) dimension, which can also be applied to CPVC pipes in CTS dimension. Apart from having the same physical properties, SDR-11 and SDR-13.5 have different wall thickness and therefore, at any given temperature, have different pressure rating.

  • PVC Casing Pipes

    Utkarsh India manufactures PVC Casing Pipes & Ribbed Strainers from high quality pvc compound and is appropriate for extracting clean water from deep and shallow bore wells.

  • Grey Agricultural Pipes

    Utkarsh India manufactures Agriculture Pressure Pipes and Fittings using high grade PVC materials as per IS 4985:2000 standard and BIS License No: 5819583.

  • SWR Pipes & Fittings

    Utkarsh India Limited manufactures superior quality Steel Tubular Poles or Swaged Steel Tubular Poles, conforming to IS-2713/80 (Part 1 to 3). These steel tubular poles come with strength and stability to withstand torsional stress offering minimum wind resistance and perfect elasticity to take all kinds of shocks, cyclones, thrust line breakages, etc. Swaged steel tubular poles are designed and customized to meet the versatile demands of architects, engineers, planners and more for power distribution, illumination, signage and other diverse needs.

  • uPVC Pipes & Fittings

    Utkarsh India manufactures uFLO - "Lead Free" UV Resistant uPVC Pipes & Fittings, making it the most convenient, suitable and economic solution for cold-water transportation. uFLO uPVC is manufactured with the best sourced raw materials and adapted to international standards. Water fitting pipes are Easy Installation, Light Weight to Carry, Optimum Flow Rate with Minimum Clogging.

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