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  • Street Light Pole

    Utkarsh offers a wide range of street lighting poles, customised as per client requirements that are used for outdoor illumination, power distribution, solar, surveillance and smart pole application. Manufactured conforming to BIS 875 Part III and ILE TR7, we offer poles ranging from 3 meters to any size as per customer specifications and design requirements, that can withstand wind speed up to 300 km/hour.

  • Metal Beam Cash Barrier

    Utkarsh India manufactures a wide range of Metal Beam Crash Barriers and components conforming to Indian, American, European and other international standards. We source finest quality raw materials from leading trusted brands like SAIL, TATA and Hindustan Zinc. Our stringent quality control system ensures that the best quality is delivered to our customers.

  • HDPE Pipe

    Utkarsh India manufactures HDPE pipes from polyethylene. It is a cost effective solution for a broad range of piping problems in municipal, industrial, marine, mining, landfill, duct and agricultural applications. It has been tested and proven effective for above ground, surface, buried, floating applications. Polyethylene HDPE pipes can carry potable water, wastewater, slurries, chemicals, hazardous wastes, and compressed gases. It has a long and distinguished history of service to the gas, oil, mining and other industries.

  • Steel Tubes & Pipes

    Utkarsh India offers steel Tubes & Pipes, MS pipes, ERW black and GI pipes, square and rectangular hollow sections. We are manufacturing range starting from 15 mm to 400 mm. Thickness 2 mm to 10 mm. Similarly in the square section, our range starts from 19x19mm to 220x220mm. In rectangular section 50x25mm to 172x92mm. Our unparalleled range of products conforms to national and international standards and are duly approved by all National/International Inspecting & Certification Authorities like SGS, CE, DNV, BVQI, TUV and more.

  • Jal Minar

    Utkarsh manufactures Jal Minar - Water Tank structures made of galvanised steel to keep your water tanks at height using strong, rust-free steel structures. Manufactured from high-quality raw materials, our steel structures last longer offering you the right value for money. Utkarsh manufactures 5000 & 2000 litre structure which are galvanized, but 10000 litre structure is non-galvanized.

  • Railway Electrification Structures

    Utkarsh India Limited is a CORE PART I approved vendor to manufacture and supply all type of Railway Electrification structures like portals, masts, beams, gantries, small parts steel, sub-station structures and customized structures as well. Our versatile range of products offered to our customers are CORE approved such as RSJ Mast, BFB Mast, B Series Mast, TTC Mast, Portal and SPS.

  • High Mast Lighting Systems

    Utkarsh India offers a wide range of High Mast Lighting Poles or High Mast Lighting Systems, customised as per client requirements that are used for roadways, ports, and other industrial area lighting, stadium lighting, flag mast. Manufactured conforming to IS Standards and can withstand wind speed as per IS 875 (P-3):2015 and can be customized up to 300Kmph.

  • Telecom Towers

    Utkarsh India Limited offers a full range cum diverse product basket ranging from 9 M Roof Top Tower (RTT) to 60 M Ground Based Tower (GBT) (Lattice, Tubular & Hybrid) & up to 180 KMPH, Integrated solutions ranging from design, manufacturing & supply. The Company has powered infrastructure development with our in-house expertise. Designed as per IS 2062:2011 (VARIOUS GRADES) & IS E-250 (Mild Steel) and E-350 (High Tensile).

  • PLB HDPE Ducts

    Utkarsh Permanently Lubricated (PLB) HDPE Duct pipes are made from virgin, UV grade HDPE materials and are used for deployment of Optic Fiber and Copper Cables. The ducts are manufactured as per TEC Standards & various international standards. The ducts have superior resistance to natural or mechanical damage. The PLB HDPE Ducts consist of two concentric layers, the outer layer being HDPE; co-extruded with an inner layer of solid permanent lubricant to reduce the Internal Co-efficient of Friction (ICF).

  • Steel Tubular Pole

    Utkarsh India Limited manufactures superior quality Steel Tubular Poles or Swaged Steel Tubular Poles, conforming to IS-2713/80 (Part 1 to 3). These steel tubular poles come with strength and stability to withstand torsional stress offering minimum wind resistance and perfect elasticity to take all kinds of shocks, cyclones, thrust line breakages, etc. Swaged steel tubular poles are designed and customized to meet the versatile demands of architects, engineers, planners and more for power distribution, illumination, signage and other diverse needs.

  • Transmission Towers

    Utkarsh India manufactures Powergrid approved Transmission Line Towers ranging between 66 kV to 765 kV ranging CHT/VHT/UHT HVDV to AC (single, double, multi circuit) Towers suitable for Twin, Quad and Hex conductor configuration. Some typical power transmission tower configurations are given below.

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