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Digital Marketing Services

  • Content Writing

    At Originate Soft we specialize in offering unique and fresh content writing services, Our highly efficient professionals always come up with sensational ideas through core research and strategy to deliver content which is best suitable for your business needs. Our ingenious and unique ideas create the most refined content look lustrous and communicative towards visitors that’s makes the viewers most interested for the website and its services. Good content is that vital link that creates the perfect bridge between the visitors and the site. The experienced content experts are very efficient at creating unique and SEO friendly content for each and every site right from the beginning to make the entire Content Writing.

Software Development Services

  • E Commerce Solution

    Our e-Commerce solution is designed to support you increase sales and maximize conversion rates with the flexibility to adapt and scale to the exceptional e-commerce scenarios that your industry requires. Our E-Commerce solutions empower you to expand your business heights. Our motive is to provide solution to effectively run your online business no matter what industry you are in or the size of your organization. From minor tweaks to big Whether you’re an online retailer generating millions of dollars or a small retailer using PayPal functionality on a basic site, our developers love a chance to manipulate the Internet to meet your needs. We pour our expertise with our experience and apply a mixture of both for developing your dream online website. Being an proficient E-Commerce web development company of Kolkata, we help the clients generate more sales. We always focus on helping clients generate the maximum return. Our pool of developers pays special attention to the user experience and delivers an eye-catchy website that not only entertains the users, but also grabs new customers.

Web Designing Services

  • Graphic Designing

    Originate Soft offers a complete range of graphic design services to suit any business of all scales. We believe that well-executed visual design is the foundation of creating a powerful and professional first impression.Assumed how easy it is to start a business these days, no matter what field you’re in, competition will be agonizing. So when you browsing around products and services on the web, take a moment to notice what catches your attention, obviously it will be great visuals every time.What does this mean for you? It means the quickest and easiest way to place you above the rest is by investing in beautiful design. Want to go next level? Ensure your beautiful design also tells a story. (Humans process visual stories more quickly than any other.)In the web lots of information being thrown at us every day, one of the keys to a successful online business is to cut through the ‘noise’ and get your message across quickly and with maximum effect, that we will amplify for you to get most impact out of it.

Web services

  • Web Design and Development

    Design needs no language to express the feelings or to communicate, it breaks all barriers. From the ancient time till today, humans are always attracted to visually appealing objects, like butterflies are attracted to flowers. In an industry full of competition, providing the same services and selling the same products, you need to be the peacock in a forest which gets noticed among all of beautiful birds. To get noticed; you need to stand out. The most accurate solution is to create appealing, unique and vibrant solutions that satisfy the client and draws in the eye of the client’s customer through stunning web design.  We combine web design strategy with creative web development technology, our Development specializes in engaging, intelligent website design that delivers effective and practical website designs tailored to your organizations requirements. Whether you are an individual starting up on your own or a multinational corporation – we accommodate a full range of flexible web design & development services that will meet your targeted needs. We build and optimize all types of websites.

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