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  • Psychologist Consultation

    MindYog is a leading service provider for Psychological Therapy and Counseling. It consists of leading Psychotherapists who have experience of over 15 years in this field, have treated over hundreds of patients. We use scientific methods and state of the art practices to heal mental disorders. Mental well being is an integral part of our overall health. Most people tend to ignore this fact, and suffer from diseases such as depression, loneliness, marital strife, work stress, anxiety, etc. Even there are many children in our society who could be having mental health issues, which may range from getting bullied in school, to exam phobia, and can even extend to eating disorders. Similarly there are working professionals who might be going through a lot of stress, and not able to maintain a balance between professional and personal life, or even finding it difficult to cope with a job role assigned to them. We must break the stigma and understand that having mental health issue is just as normal as having a physical health issue, like a broken bone or an infected stomach. These issues are completely curable. We just need to understand and deal with these issues with compassion and take advice from experts.

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